Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale 2016


The eighth annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale is underway from July 1st to July 31st. All my ebooks are available for free with the coupon code SFREE at check out.

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I'm in the process of revamping my existing ebook catalog (later rather than sooner), which will include revising content, consolidating titles and designing new covers. If you have any comments after reading my free ebooks, please send an email to chris (at)

Blog: Deleting Drive-By Hate Comments


New blog post, "Deleting Drive-By Hate Comments," on A Silicon Valley Writer.

One of the most popular pins I have on Pinterest is an editorial cartoon from three years ago, where an official complains about a breastfeeding mother in public while standing in front of a Victoria’s Secret store with a model displaying boobs for commerce. My comment to this obvious irony was an ironic snark: “Nursing a child in front of a Victoria’s Secret store is criminal. Guys don’t need any more help in visualizing boobs.” This week I got a drive-by hate comment regarding this pin, which I promptly deleted as inappropriate.

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This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank


Website redesign is still in progress. Expect further developments in the new year. Probably later rather than sooner.