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"Experiencing The Death of Elvis: Another Childhood Tragedy" (A Personal Essay eBook / December 2011)


"KGO Radio Jumps The Shark: More News, Less Talk" (A Personal Essay eBook / January 2012)

"A Silicon Valley Writer, Volume 1 (2008-2009)" (A Blog Postings eBook / April 2012)

"Once Upon An Albatross..., Volume 1 (1999-2005)" (A Blog Postings eBook / September 2012)

"Outlaws In The American Wasteland" (A Reviews eBook / September 2012)

"A Silicon Valley Writer, Volume 2 (2010-2011)" (A Blog Postings eBook / November 2012)


"A Silicon Valley Writer, Volume 3 (2012)" (A Blog Postings eBook / January 2013)

"The Apple Store Job Fair: Don't Drink The Water, Don't Use The Restroom" (A Personal Essay eBook / March 2013)



"Marigolds For A Vampire" (A Novella eBook / March 2011)



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"A Writer's Fury," "At The Potter's House," "Before Winter Approaches,"
"Gone Swimming," "Mount Wilson" and "Spider Plant"
(Seventeen Syllables anthology, Soft Whispers / April 2010)


"Black Bumble Bee,""Green Peas" and "The Lord's Pasture"
(A Pumpkin's Life Poems eBook / February 2011)


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"Spring Birds," "Spring Pollen," "Spring Pond," "Spring Showers," and "Spring Whales"
(Kigo: Seasonal Words / April 2014)

"Summer Blackout," "Summer Buzz," "Summer Eggplant," "Summer Fireworks," and "Summer Sunflowers"
(Kigo: Seasonal Words / September 2014)

"Fukushima Bomb," "Fukushima Cows," "Fukushima Fallout," "Fukushima Seeps," and "Fukushima Silks"
(Slated for publication in Fukushima Poetry Anthology / Fall 2014.)

"Job Interview," "Waiting For Shuttle," "Waiting For Train"
(Slated for publication in Carfree Poetry Anthology / TBA.)


Short Stories


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(An Ironic Flash of Life Flash Stories eBook / February 2011)

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(Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction anthology, Pill Hill Press / November 2011)

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