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Fem-Fangs Short Story Anthology

Though people have been exploring the legend of the vampire for hundreds of years, the female vampire has been largely overlooked...until now. Pill Hill Press proudly presents FEM FANGS, a collection of short stories focused on fanged girls of the night with a taste for human blood and a penchant for power, seduction and terror. Find your favorite turtleneck and sink your teeth into this monster of a collection. You're in store for some long, dark nights filled with beautiful, hungry creatures. Don't cry when you find yourself with two perfectly round puncture wounds on your neck...because you've been warned.

"Dead Enders" — Claudia and her guy friends get more than they bargain for when they pick up the mysterious girl in white hitchhiking on the I-5 in Southern California on the way to Mexico, who is neither human nor vampire and hates male vampires with enough passion to hurt them where it hurts the most. After the dead enders are dealt with, Claudia discovers the true identity of the girl in white and finds her own freedom.